NES Directory - Mapper 79

CRC32 Title Region Catalog ID Publisher Board
C2A4612E Blackjack USA AVE-BJ AVE AVE-NINA-06
BEE54426 Deathbots USA AVE-DB AVE AVE-MB-91
36B35988 Double Strike USA AVE-DS AVE AVE-MB-91
BD29178A Dudes with Attitude USA AVE-DA AVE AVE-MB-91
88A6B192 F-15 City War USA AVE-FC AVE AVE-NINA-03
85323FD6 Krazy Kreatures USA AVE-KK AVE AVE-NINA-03
F05870D5 Mermaids of Atlantis: The Riddle of the Magic Bubble USA AVE-MA AVE AVE-NINA-06
2969A5C1 Pyramid USA AVE-PY AVE AVE-NINA-03
BDE7A7B5 Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis II USA AVE-RR AVE AVE-NINA-06
B6A2B981 Solitaire USA AVE-SL AVE AVE-NINA-06
3E1271D5 Tiles of Fate USA AVE-TF AVE AVE-NINA-03
C47EFC0E Trolls on Treasure Island USA AVE-TR AVE AVE-NINA-06
831F9C1A Ultimate League Soccer USA AVE-US AVE AVE-MB-91
882E1901 Venice Beach Volleyball USA AVE-VB AVE AVE-MB-91
A23CB659 Volley Ball Spain MGC-010 Gluk Video TXC-74*138/175